Embrace your inner glam with an appointment at Glam and Glo Beauty Bar! We offer a wide range of services to help you look and feel like your most beautiful self.

Air Brush Spray Tans

Why risk damaging your skin with harmful sun rays when you can get that same flawless glow from right inside our studio! Strut out of Glam and Glo with beautiful bronzed skin! We are proud to partner with Aviva Labs to provide natural organic airbrush spray tans that are guaranteed not to give off the fake orange look we all dread. First time spray tanner? Check out the frequently asked questions page for tanning tips and tricks!

Classic Spray Tan $45

The original tanning formula from Aviva Labs. This formula is best for fair skinned individuals. Though it works well for most skin tones, it best compliments cool (red) undertones. With an 8 hour develop time, the Classic is the perfect formula for first time tanners, or those looking for a naturally subtle glow.

Rapid Spray Tan $55

The Rapid Tan is for those spray tanners who want a deep bronzed look in half the develop time! This formula works best for individuals with warmer skin tones (yellow and olive), and for those wanting more than just that sun kissed glow. The Rapid tan develops in just four hours giving your skin a warm rich tint you would expect after spending weeks in the sun!

Hollywood Spray Tan $60

The Hollywood tan is for anyone and everyone! A fan favorite due to its universal color, and super rapid development time. This formula develops in 1-3 hour depending on the depth of color you are wanting. Shower off sooner for a light glow, or leave it on for the full three hours for a deep bronze! It’s impossible to go wrong with this diverse formula!

Hydration Treatment $10 Add On

This add on treatment is a great way to give your skin an extra boost of hydration along with your new glow. We recommend the Hydration Treatment with all of our spray tan formulas to give your glow an extra few days of prime color. Highly recommend for those with dry or flakey skin to prevent patchiness as the tan starts to exfoliate.

* Pre-purchase 4 Spray Tans and save 20%!

Makeup Services

Add a little glam to your makeup wardrobe! Glam and Glo is here to help you with all of your makeup needs! From special events, to weddings, to makeup lessons, Glam and Glo is ready to primp and pamper you!

Bridal Makeup $85

Everyone deserves to be pampered on their big day! Bridal makeup includes a relaxing skin prep, full make up application, and strip lashes of your choice. We will also provide you a small sample of the lip color we use, so you can touch up your lipstick after the big “I do!’

Bridal Trial $65

The bridal trial service is for the brides who want a preview your wedding day look to make sure it is 100% what you want before the big day! We will begin with a 15 minute consultation to discuss your desired wedding day look and we highly encourage our brides to bring photos and inspiration. Strip lashes are not included in this service (only on the day of wedding), but can be added at an additional cost if requested.

Bridesmaid/ Event Makeup $65

Need to add that extra bit of glam to your look before a big event? We’ve got you covered! This service is best for special occasions such as proms and weddings. We will begin with a consultation, so I recommend bringing pictures or ideas of your desired look.

Basic/ Juniors Makeup $50

This service is for those who want something a little more polished than their everyday makeup, or are looking for a more understated beauty look. Ideal for junior bridesmaids, flower girls, or similar events that require a sprinkle of glam!

Custom Makeup Lesson $50

Feeling lost when it comes to makeup? Wanting to step up and revamp your everyday makeup routine? Book a custom makeup lesson and let us guide you through a customized makeup look that you can achieve all on your own! Recommended to bring your usual makeup products along so our artist can see what you are working with, or what you may need to acquire after the appointment if so desired.


Dreaming of long luxurious lashes? Make those dreams a reality with one of our many lash services! All of our lash enhancing services will have you waking up everyday to your dream lashes, without the hassle of applying eye makeup every morning!

Lash Lift $70

The Lash Lift is the beauty equivalent of a push-up bra or perm for your lashes. The treatment instantly gives them lift, separation, and extra definition without the use of extensions. Results last anywhere from 6-8 weeks depending on the growth cycle of your lashes.

Lash Tint $30

Tinting gives your lashes the look of wearing mascara without having to put anything on your lashes each day. Most noticeable for clients with blonde or light-colored lashes. Results last 6-8 weeks depending on the growth cycle of your lashes.

Lash Lift and Tint Combo $90

Recommended to do both the lift and the tint to get the full effect of each service! This combo makes it so that you can go makeup free without looking like it!

Facials & Body Treatments (Coming Soon)

Pamper yourself with one of Glam and Glo’s customizable skin treatments. Each facial is designed to promote healthy skin habits, relaxation, and leave you with fresh glowing skin after your appointment! Every facial includes a complimentary hand or scalp massage.

Glam and Glo Signature Facial – 60 minutes $70

The Signature Facial is a go-to for every type of client and is completely customized to fit each clients skin needs. Includes double cleansing, skin evaluation, relaxing facial massage, 1-2 masks, and concluding with the appropriate serums and creams based on your skin consultation. Add on treatments available when requested.

Clarifying Acne Facial – 90 minutes $110

Cleansing and calming treatment for mild to moderate acne. Includes thorough cleansing, steaming, and extra time for extractions. Use of appropriate masks and serums for acne prone skin. Includes choice of high frequency or LED treatment to help heal skin and prevent acne scarring.

Anti-Aging Facial – 90 minutes $120

This treatment is designed for those with aging skin that are looking to bring new life to their skin. It includes specialized anti-aging serums, high frequency treatment to tighten skin, and Hydrojelly mask to seal in all nutrients for anti-aging.

Skin Brightening Facial – 90 minutes $120

A Glam and Glo favorite, the Skin Brightening Facial is designed for clients with sun spots, age spots, and dullness of the skin. It includes specialized serums, LED treatment, and brightening Hydrojelly mask.

Back Treatment – 60 minutes $65

This customized treatment addresses the concerns of combination skin, clogged pores, and minor discoloration on the upper and lower back. The session includes gentle steam and full cleanse of the back, followed by a skin analysis, customized exfoliation and extractions (if needed), realxing massage, and customized clarifying or brightening masks.

Underarm Detox – 30 minutes $40

This facial can help brighten, soften and smooth the underarm skin, getting rid of blackheads and ingrown hairs you might be experiencing. It is a great service for post waving or shaving, or when switching to a natural deodorant.

Peachy Pampering – 45 minutes $60

Like the skin on your face, the skin on your butt is prone to dryness, flakiness, loss of elasticity, firmness, inflammation, and breakouts. This pampering treatment helps to fight all of these things as well as helping to break up cellulite and rejuvenate the skin. Includes high frequency treatment and customized masks.

Bikini Facial/ Vajacial – 60 minutes $75

The “vajacial” is a treatment for sensitivities & irritations, blackheads & hyper pigmentation to your most intimate area. Just like our face, this private skin can be just as sensitive & become very irritated after waxing or from everyday moisture & clothing. Must be 1-2 weeks post wax or shave. Includes cleansing, gentle steam, exfoliation and extraction of ingrown hairs, High frequency treatment, and Hydrojelly mask.


Glam and Glo Beauty Bar shares a suite with three other amazing women owned small businesses, including Sleek360 Wax Studio! I (Taylor/GGBB Owner) am fortunate to work as a Wax Specialist for Sleek360a few days a week, along with taking clients for my own business Glam and Glo Beauty Bar. If you would like to make an appointment for a waxing service please visit the Sleek360 Wax Studio website or give us a call to book! Remember to request Taylor for your service!

*Due to respect for each others businesses and to avoid offering competing services, I am not able to book services for both Sleek360 and Glam and Glo on the same day unless specially requested and discussed with either myself or the Sleek360 owner Rachel. With this being said, I highly recommend getting waxed at least 24 hours prior to any of the services offered at Glam and Glo to avoid any irritation to the skin.

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